After being forgotten about and mothballed for years work has finally begun at the Mill of Benholm.

On Saturday the 18th of November 2023 the first Volunteer Workday finally took place, after it had to be delayed due to adverse weather. The grey and wet afternoon did not stop the volunteers to come to the Mill of Benholm and they achieved an outstanding amount of work. All road drains have been cleared, rubbish and broken items have been removed and last but definitely not last the volunteers started to cut back years worth of overgrowing vegetation. Discovering walls, rails, benches and other hidden features. A start has been made and shall be continued at the next volunteer workday.

Also, the electrical contractor has conducted an EICR to establish the areas of need in repair and these repairs shall be done soon, to enable the plumber to re-instate the toilets back to working order. Before the toilets can be used again, the wastewater pumps will need to be repaired and/or replaced and the reed bed will need some maintenance. This should all be completed before the next volunteer workday.

Over the winter months a specialised company will clear the mill pond of excess vegetation.

Exciting times at the Mil of Benholm